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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Sesame Buy delivery to a lot of Ontario area for now and in the future Sesame Buy will delivery to the whole are of our beautiful Ontario. Enter your postcode, you will find out if Sesame Buy delivery to your area or not.   You can place an order 7 days before the delivery day.

You can always choose a 2-hour delivery window in the delivery so you won’t need to waste your whole day waiting.  Sesame Buy’s delivery staffs will call you 10 minutes before arrived at your door and be aware that someone must be there to receive the order. No item will be left there unattended.

You can always change, reschedule or cancel your order before 7 pm the day before your scheduled day.

Sesame Buy’s delivery staffs will always try their best to make you feel comfortable. If some delivery day, due to other reason there are some hazardous driving condition, your delivery might be delayed. But Sesame Buy will always call you to let you know what happens and try to give you most satisfied options.

Sesame Buy’s delivery staffs will always review your order with you on arrival. If some reason that you find out that you ordered a wrong product, you can always inform the delivery staff and they will help you doing the correction on site.