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Super explosion model [to the meal] self-hot rice variety of tastes optional 2box

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    It is highly recommended that self heating food [to the meal point] is super popular, and 2 boxes of various flavors can be selected
    Lazy gospel, save time, trouble and rest assured ‼ Eat hot food anytime, anywhere ~
    The whole people rush to buy [to the meal point] self heating meals, which are needed for school, work, tourism, etc
    It's many times better than steamed rice
    The main product comes from northeast rice. Taste a bowl of newly cooked rice, which is not reheated by cooked rice on the market
    The side dishes have all kinds of colors, flavors and flavors. Select the freshest ingredients and choose a variety of flavors. Come on 👇:
    Braised beef brisket, spicy diced chicken, curry beef, curry pork
    Marinated meat, bamboo shoot tip beef, Hainan Chicken Rice
    The water bag with steamed rice and the water bag with heating bag can have a big meal without taking a drop of water outside

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