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This week's new product - steam hot eye mask 12 large packaging, 3 boxes wholesale, quantity high price

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    With the severity of the epidemic, online classes and working from home have become the norm. Please be kind to our tired eyes.
    Constant temperature hot compress: 42 degree steam constant temperature hot compress, effectively relieve eye pressure
    Soothing and sleeping: Gently flicking is warm and comfortable, more intimate than the cool eye mask, the materials are exquisite, three kinds of herbal essential oils, children and adults can sleep comfortably
    Jingjing: Brand products, real steam protects the eyes
    Not only eye protection, use before bed to improve sleep quality, but also dilute dark circles.
    To give back to friends, each box of 12 large packaging, the wholesale price of three boxes or more, the larger the quantity is, the better.
    Valid until 2024-08-24, you can stock up with confidence.
    Lavender scent: delicate fragrance to help sleep
    Chamomile scent: fresh and fragrance-free
    Wormwood scent: mild eye protection
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