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electric milk frother

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    Youpin recommends electric milk frother
    Local online and store prices: $25/piece (plus tax)
    Now jumping prices: $9.99/unit, $17.99/2 units
    Make a dense milk froth! Super value electric milk frother You can easily drink Cafe foam coffee/milk latte at home
    You can use a foaming cup or a deeper cup. It is very convenient. Pour one-third of the milk into the cup, and heat the milk to 60 degrees Celsius. The heating is to make thick milk foam, and the way of twitching up and down , until the bubbles rise to the mouth of the cup! It's enough until more and more bubbles are formed. It saves effort and the effect is really good! If you want to learn to make beautiful latte art, you can start
    The bubbling part is 304 stainless steel, food grade safe
    ️The bubbler requires guests to prepare 2 AA batteries by themselves, it only takes a few seconds for each bubble, and the 2 batteries can be used for 1 year.
    ️Color is not optional, random shipping. White is elegant, black is noble, both are beautiful
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