Purchasing process

1. Please select the nearest group leader before you place an order so that you could pick up the goods conveniently.  The platform will calculate and locate the group leader based on the location you filled in when you log in to your choice. If you need to revise your personal location, please click “personal information” in the “personal center” to modify your current location, platform will calculate the distance between you and all the group leader self-pickup points based on the new location you provided. If your new current position is closer to the other group leader, you could use “Switch group leader” to change your pickup leader.

2. After you place an order and purchase products, your selected group leader will contact you and help you to negotiate the self-pickup of the purchased goods. Our group leader will provide delivery service. If you need delivery service, please provide specific delivery information to the group leader after placing an order, and you could discuss the delivery fee with your selected group leader.

When pick up the goods, please check it carefully with the group leader in person, as well as count the quantity as well as the package and quality of the goods are in good condition. If you fund any quality problem, you could contact the group leader to exchange or return the products. Please refer to the RETURN POLICY for details on returns.