Terms of Service

Welcome to read the terms of service agreement from SesameBuy (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement). The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement apply to your use of the various tools and service (hereinafter referred to as “services”) for trade and communication in the community grouping (C2B) provided by the sesamebuy.com website.
1. Accept terms

Through entering sesamebuy.com website, which represents that you agree this agreement with the company, and accept terms and conditions of this agreement(“terms”). If there are any changes to the “terms”, SesameBuy will publish an announcement on its website to notify you.

If you do not agree with the relevant changes, you must stop using the "service". Once the revised "Terms" are published on the sesamebuy.com website, they will automatically take effect immediately.

You should carefully read the revised "terms" after logging in for the first time and have the right to choose to stop using the "service"; once you continue to use the "service", it means that you have accepted the revised "terms", when you in the event of a dispute with Sesame Buy, the latest service agreement shall prevail.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, any new content that expands the scope or functionality of the "Service" is bound by this Agreement. This Agreement shall not be amended unless a written agreement is signed by an authorized senior manager of Sesame Buy.

2. Who can Use sesamebuy.com

The "Services" are only available to individuals or companies that can enter into legally binding contracts in accordance with relevant laws.

Therefore, you must be 18 years old or above to use the company's services.

If you do not meet this condition, please do not use the "Service". Sesame Buy platform may, at its sole discretion, refuse to provide "services" to any person at any time.

3.Charge Fee

The Company reserves the right to charge for the service upon notification to you in accordance with Term 1.

You are responsible for all taxes, related hardware, software, communications, network services and other expenses incurred for you to conduct transactions, obtain paid services from the company, or access the company's servers.

The company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change or stop part or all the "service" without giving written notice and only in the case of publicity on the sesamebuy.com website.

4. The Sesame Buy website is only used as a trading location

The company's website is only used as a place for users to find transaction objects, negotiate transactions of goods and services, and obtain various trade-related services.

However, the company cannot control the quality, safety or legality of the items involved in the transaction, the authenticity or accuracy of the business information, and the ability of the transaction parties to fulfill their obligations under the trade agreement.

The Company cannot and will not control whether the parties to the transaction can perform their obligations under the agreement. Furthermore, you should be aware that the risks of dealing with foreign nationals, minors or persons acting fraudulently are exist objectively.

5. Your information and products for purchase and sale

"Your information" includes any information, including data, text, software, music, sound, provided to the company or other users in the process of registration, transaction or listing of items, in any public information occasion or through any email form, photographs, drawings, images, words or other materials.

You should take full responsibility for "your information", and the company only acts as a passive channel for you to publish and publish "your information" online. However, if the company believes that "your information" may subject the company to any legal or moral responsibility, or may cause the company (in whole or in part) to lose the services of the company's Internet service provider or other provider, or if you fail to log in or log in again to the website within the specified period, the company may, at its sole discretion, take any action that the company deems necessary or appropriate for "your information", including but not limited to deleting such information.

You hereby warrant that you have all rights, including all copyrights, to "your information" submitted to sesame.com. You confirm that the company is not responsible for identifying or deciding which data you submit to the company should be protected, and the company does not have to be responsible for the use of "your data" by other users who enjoy the "service".