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Premium Sirloin Wellington Steak 450g

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    ️️This issue's specials ️️
    【Best Sirloin Wellington Steak】
    This【Superb Willington Steak Beef Wellington】is a classic British dish❗️Using the best sirloin Braised Prime Sirloin❗️It is made with Sous vide 24-hour slow-cooking process, the production procedures are complicated, foie gras, truffle and other ingredients are used The puff pastry is wrapped and covered with a layer of mushroom puree (Duxelles) with foie gras, etc.
    The taste is rich, the crispy golden puff pastry, separated by the dark brown ham and mushroom layer, wraps the pink tender and juicy steak, the color is beautiful, and the taste is extremely rich and delicious.
    Choose fresh vegetables as side dishes, such as asparagus, green beans, carrots, potatoes, green leafy salads, etc. If paired with a glass of red wine, the feeling of luxurious enjoyment is beyond words!
    ❗️The best on the table❗️The best Wellington steak❗️
    ❗️Using Braised Prime Sirloin❗️
    ️Price: $39.99 per serving (450g)

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