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Ant International

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    Clearance special 【Warm Palace/Waist Warmer Heating Pad】
    Cold winter ❄️ abdominal or waist discomfort ⛔️
    She can always send warmth to the goddess at any time ️
    Extra large size 60*30cm, 🉑️covers the waist and abdomen️
    Every few days, let the lower abdomen be warm and comfortable‼ ️
    Sore waist, back pain, shoulder, leg and arm muscle soreness are also 🉑️ use‼ ️ ️
    ️Stage heating 🉑️Adjust 40/45/48/52/56/60 degrees Celsius 🌡️Rapid heating 📈Instant heating in 30 seconds️
    🉑️Working ️The timing is 30/60/90/120 minutes ️Automatically power off after the time is up
    🉑️Use on bed/chair at home or office
    The material is very soft and skin-friendly, the heating pad 🉑️ washable (unplug the wire plug first)
    The product has passed ✅CE certification and ROHS certification ️🉑️ Rest assured ️ use‼ ️
    Original price 36.5+H / set
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