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Low price - Smart UV UV - Bathroom Storage Rack - Light Energy, USB Double Charge (Special $ 31.99)

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    Intelligent UV sterilization, punch-free toothpaste squeezer. With 4 magnetic cups, storage and disinfection in one
    The appearance is high, the storage is strong, and the orderly tabletop makes your mood happy.
    5 minutes UV blue light regular disinfection, scientific sterilization, strong antibacterial. The 360° purifying brush head is like a new toothbrush every day.
    Light energy storage, USB charging, double storage, energy saving and high energy
    The virus is rampant, protect health, not to see the doctor is the best blessing
    Absolutely low prices for bulky, high shipping items. . . . Original price $55, now $36.99--special price $32

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